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  • Makloubeh with Beef and Cauliflower

    Makloubeh with Beef and Cauliflower

    Makloubeh with beef and cauliflower is a very popular national Jordanian dish. The cauliflower is blanched, then lightly fried while the chunks of beef are cooked and all are then added to the rice. They are arranged in layers in the pan with the beef at the bottom, cauliflower and finally the rice. When the rice is […]

  • Zucchini Gratin

    Zucchini Gratin

    Zucchini gratin filled with seasoned ground beef, smothered with bechamel sauce and sprinkled with cheese is truly considered comfort food. Any zucchini variety would work. During the months of October and November there are so many varieties available at the farmers market. You can use any variety you like in the recipe. I tend to […]

  • Jidabour


    Jidabour is a classic Armenian dish made with “yarma” or crushed pelted wheat and beef shanks. The yarma and beef shanks are cooked slowly until the yarma becomes creamy and the beef falls off the bones. It resembles a porridge but its much more flavorful and nutritious. Although a very “respected” dish, Jidabour is very […]

  • Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

    Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

    If you like lamb then you’ll love this dish! Slow cooked lamb shanks are cooked till they fall off the bone. Kabsa is the key spice in this recipe which is a traditional Saudi spice used often in their cooking. It is basically a blend of spices including cardamon, cloves, cinnamon, black lime and black […]

  • Lehmajun


    Lehmajun aka Armenian Pizza, made with ground beef, parsley, green bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic and seasonings is loved by everyone. If you are lucky to live near an Armenian bakery you can buy them freshly made, or buy them frozen at your specialty grocer. But trust me, there is nothing better than homemade. Instead of […]

  • Cranberry Beans With Meat Stew

    Cranberry Beans With Meat Stew

    Cranberry Beans with Meat Stew is a hearty meal rich in flavor and packed with vitamins. Cranberry beans have a very short season and are available during the summer season. If you visit a farmer’s market, you might see them a week or two and then they will be gone! You can make them with […]

  • Shepherd’s Pie Mediterranean Style

    Shepherd’s Pie Mediterranean Style

    Shepherd’s Pie Mediterranean Style is very similar to the classic shepherds pie, but I think the way they vary is in the seasonings. The ingredients could be exactly the same, but the spices will make them differ in flavor. If you like creamy mashed potatoes and like casseroles, then you’ll love this. This is one […]

  • Soujouk Sandwich

    Soujouk Sandwich

      Soujouk sandwich is a popular food item you’ll find when visiting Armenian Food Festivals. People patiently wait in long lines just to get their hands on this spicy delicious sandwich. Soujouk is ground beef that’s been seasoned with various different spices and plenty of garlic. Even though there are several brands available on the […]

  • Shawarma


    Shawarma is made with sirloin steak that’s been marinated for several hours in spices. The most important spice in this dish is cardamon and lots of it! The orange juice is the tenderizer. Shawarma is topped with taratour, shredded lettuce, and stewed tomatoes, then wrapped in pita bread. Invite friends over for a shawarma party and […]

  • Bulgur Pilaf with Beef and Garbanzo

    Bulgur Pilaf with Beef and Garbanzo

    Bulgur pilaf with beef and garbanzo reminds me of my childhood. I had a cousin who used to love any kind of bulgur pilaf especially if it had yogurt on the side! The beef shanks cooked until they fall off the bones, and the beef broth used in cooking the bulgur is incredibly delicious. You […]