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  • Beef Broth – Homemade

    Beef Broth – Homemade

    Beef broth – homemade is easy to make. You can’t compare it to the store bought broth because it tastes so much better. The broth you buy in a can or carton contains an outrageous amount of sodium along with other preservatives that I can’t even pronounce. This beef broth is incredibly light, flavorful and […]

  • Beef patties with potatoes and tomatoes

    Beef patties with potatoes and tomatoes

    Beef patties with potatoes and tomatoes is a meal perfect for that late Sunday lunch. Prepare it the day before, and then bake it in the oven the next day while catching up with your emails. Make sure you cook it long enough so that the potatoes are fully cooked and break apart. The tomato […]

  • Ourfa Kebab

    Ourfa Kebab

    Ourfa kebab is made with chunks of ground beef and Japanese eggplants sandwiched alternately together on a skewer. You can cook it in the oven or grill it. Whichever way you go, these kebabs will turn out delicious! As the eggplants roast, they release their juices, become tender and help keep the pieces of ground beef moist. Although […]

  • Beef Patties in Tomato Sauce

    Beef Patties in Tomato Sauce

    Beef patties in tomato sauce is also commonly known as “Ezmeer Keufteh.” If you are busy and running short of time, this is the perfect dinner dish. Beef patties seasoned with salt and peppers, lightly sautéed and cooked in a thick tomato sauce. Serve it with a lemon mint dressing salad, and Jasmine rice with […]

  • Stuffed Cabbage Dolmas

    Stuffed Cabbage Dolmas

    Stuffed cabbage dolmas, also called cabbage sarmas are a personal favorite. The cabbage combined with the ground beef, garlic, tomatoes and rice renders an incredible flavor. As they cook slowly in the tomato garlic mint sauce, the leaves become extremely soft and delicate. Although they haven’t gained the same notoriety as stuffed grape leaves, these dolmas […]

  • Preserving Grape Leaves

    Preserving Grape Leaves

    Preserving grape leaves is very easy to do and worth the effort. Even though they are available in jars at Middle Eastern stores and at some specialty supermarkets, you can preserve them either by brining or freezing. I will be explaining the freezing method because hardly any of the leaves are wasted. Grape leaves that […]

  • Orekh: Bulgur Kebab

    Orekh: Bulgur Kebab

    Beef bulgur kebabs with mint are perfect for appetizers, in sandwiches or served as a main course with baked potatoes and a green salad. The bulgur keeps the kebabs moist, and the mint adds another level of flavor. These are usually served with wedges of pita bread, pepper paste dip, and turnip pickles. My son likes […]

  • Rice Pilaf with Meat and Nuts

    Rice Pilaf with Meat and Nuts

    A classic Armenian rice recipe, was traditionally made for special occasions such as weddings. Garnished with pine nuts, pistachios, almonds and raisins is fit for any family gathering or event. Cinnamon, is the key spice used for this rice recipe, and once it is cooked, the smell of the spices permeates the entire house. Normally, it […]

  • Homemade “Yersheeg”- “Soujouk”

    Homemade “Yersheeg”- “Soujouk”

    You can find “yersheeg” or “soujouk” in the frozen section at Middle Eastern specialty stores. They are very similar to sausages. But, I prefer to make the homemade version, which doesn’t contain any preservatives, and they taste much better. You can make these in advance and freeze them. They are great when you’re having last […]

  • Beef Stew with Potatoes and Peas

    Beef Stew with Potatoes and Peas

    The smell of the potatoes, peas and beef infused with the garlic and spices fills up the entire room. Chunky pieces of sirloin steak, with chunks of potatoes, smothered in a tomato garlic based sauce, is the perfect lunch or dinner meal for that cold and rainy day. Serve it with a garden salad, pickles and […]