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  • Cream of Wheat & Coconut Pudding

    Cream of Wheat & Coconut Pudding

    Cream of Wheat & Coconut Pudding is a refreshing dessert after a spicy meal. Farina is combined with desiccated coconut and milk, with a hint of mastic gum for added flavoring and cooked till thick then poured into a mold. Syrup infused with orange blossom water is drizzled over and sprinkled with chopped unsalted pistachios. For […]

  • Clarified Butter

    Clarified Butter

    Clarified butter as the name suggests is pure butter without the milk and any other impurities. It’s a bit time consuming and tedious, yet worth the effort. In many cultures clarified butter is used in their cooking, such as for pan frying and as a dipping sauce for shrimp and lobster. You can purchase them […]

  • Shaabiyat


    Shaabiyat is phyllo dough layered with butter, filled with a soft semolina cream, wrapped in a bundle like “samosas” and baked till golden brown. It’s served warm with a light drizzle of orange blossom infused syrup, and sprinkled with ground pistachios. If you like your warm food and desserts, then this one is definitely for you. You will […]

  • Hadeeg – Snaynieh – Whole Wheat

    Hadeeg – Snaynieh – Whole Wheat

    “Hadeeg” in Armenian, “Snaynieh” in Arabic is a dessert made for celebrating the welcoming of a baby’s first tooth. This dessert is simply whole wheat that’s cooked till tender and plump. What makes “Hadeeg” or “Snaynieh” so special are the colorful toppings such as golden raisins and apricots; nuts such as blanched almonds, walnuts, and […]

  • Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour, is a classic Armenian dessert typically served on New Year’s Eve. Directly translated, “Anoosh” means sweet, and “Abour” means soup – Sweet Soup. Made with pelted wheat, called “dzedadz” in Armenian, it is soaked in water for several hours, then soaked again in warm water. Later it’s cooked slowly with sugar until the pelted […]

  • Pelted Wheat with Yogurt and Dried Mint

    Pelted Wheat with Yogurt and Dried Mint

    Pelted wheat is widely used in Mediterranean cooking, both in savory dishes and desserts. The reason why it’s called “pelted” wheat is because the bran layer is removed and the grain is polished. This type of wheat cooks much faster than unpelted wheat. Mixing the wheat with the yogurt and the dried mint makes it very […]

  • Rice Pudding

    Rice Pudding

    Rice pudding the old fashioned way. I’ve had this rice pudding recipe for ever! The creamy texture of the slow cooked calrose rice with the bold flavor of the flower water is the perfect alternative to ice cream for that hot summer day. Why do we use Calrose rice? Because this type of rice is soft and […]

  • Cream of Wheat – “Simit Halva” – “Mammounieh”

    Cream of Wheat – “Simit Halva” – “Mammounieh”

    A healthy and refreshing late night snack, made with Cream of Wheat which is another predominant ingredient in Mediterranean baking. Serve it plain or sprinkle chopped walnuts or pistachios. You can eat this warm or refrigerate and serve it cold. Either way it’s delicious. Skill level: Easy Click here to view Slideshow, Share, & Comment Click […]