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  • Jidabour


    Jidabour is a classic Armenian dish made with “yarma” or crushed pelted wheat and beef shanks. The yarma and beef shanks are cooked slowly until the yarma becomes creamy and the beef falls off the bones. It resembles a porridge but its much more flavorful and nutritious. Although a very “respected” dish, Jidabour is very […]

  • Basmati Rice

    Basmati Rice

    This basmati rice recipe is quick and very easy to make. It always turns out great! It doesn’t take much time to make and goes great with any dish that you make. If you leave it on medium low heat after it’s fully cooked, it will develop a crust that’s delicious. Skill level: Easy Click […]

  • Bulgur Pilaf with Beef and Garbanzo

    Bulgur Pilaf with Beef and Garbanzo

    Bulgur pilaf with beef and garbanzo reminds me of my childhood. I had a cousin who used to love any kind of bulgur pilaf especially if it had yogurt on the side! The beef shanks cooked until they fall off the bones, and the beef broth used in cooking the bulgur is incredibly delicious. You […]

  • Mujaddarah – Lentils with Rice

    Mujaddarah – Lentils with Rice

    Mujaddarah, or lentils with rice is a dish made in many Middle Eastern countries. Lentils in general are considered one of the world’s healthiest foods because of their high protein content. Brown lentils also referred to as European lentils are the most widely used because they are fast cooking and cheap. This recipe is the […]

  • Red Bell Peppers Stuffed with Bulgur

    Red Bell Peppers Stuffed with Bulgur

    Red bell peppers stuffed with bulgur, is a vegetarian dish I make during lent. The aroma of the roasted red bell peppers combined with the onions, and bulgur stuffing is amazing. Pomegranate paste or molasses (available at specialty and Middle Eastern stores) is used very often in Mediterranean cooking and renders a sour yet sweet […]

  • Hadeeg – Snaynieh – Whole Wheat

    Hadeeg – Snaynieh – Whole Wheat

    “Hadeeg” in Armenian, “Snaynieh” in Arabic is a dessert made for celebrating the welcoming of a baby’s first tooth. This dessert is simply whole wheat that’s cooked till tender and plump. What makes “Hadeeg” or “Snaynieh” so special are the colorful toppings such as golden raisins and apricots; nuts such as blanched almonds, walnuts, and […]

  • Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour, is a classic Armenian dessert typically served on New Year’s Eve. Directly translated, “Anoosh” means sweet, and “Abour” means soup – Sweet Soup. Made with pelted wheat, called “dzedadz” in Armenian, it is soaked in water for several hours, then soaked again in warm water. Later it’s cooked slowly with sugar until the pelted […]

  • Pelted Wheat with Yogurt and Dried Mint

    Pelted Wheat with Yogurt and Dried Mint

    Pelted wheat is widely used in Mediterranean cooking, both in savory dishes and desserts. The reason why it’s called “pelted” wheat is because the bran layer is removed and the grain is polished. This type of wheat cooks much faster than unpelted wheat. Mixing the wheat with the yogurt and the dried mint makes it very […]

  • Tabbouleh


    Tabbouleh, a traditional Lebanese salad is in my opinion, is the salad of all salads. This salad has only recently gained popularity here in the United States. I found that most of the tabbouleh recipes that are posted online are “hybrids” with added ingredients. Here is the traditional way of making this delicious healthy salad. […]

  • Jasmine Rice with Vermicelli

    Jasmine Rice with Vermicelli

    Aromatic Jasmine rice is a family favorite. I cook this rice often and serve it with meat, chicken fish or any vegetable dish. Although Jasmine rice is becoming more common in the United States and in Mediterranean cuisine, it is a native Thai rice, that’s slightly shorter than the long grain yet it does have […]