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  • Liver Kebab

    Liver Kebab

    Liver kebab, I have to admit is an “acquired” taste. It’s a very popular food item at restaurants in all parts of the Mediterranean. Marinated with garlic and the spices, then grilled, you won’t believe it is liver you’re eating. The texture is soft and smooth just like beef tenderloin. Liver kebab is perfect for […]

  • Ourfa Kebab

    Ourfa Kebab

    Ourfa kebab is made with chunks of ground beef and Japanese eggplants sandwiched alternately together on a skewer. You can cook it in the oven or grill it. Whichever way you go, these kebabs will turn out delicious! As the eggplants roast, they release their juices, become tender and help keep the pieces of ground beef moist. Although […]

  • Orekh: Bulgur Kebab

    Orekh: Bulgur Kebab

    Beef bulgur kebabs with mint are perfect for appetizers, in sandwiches or served as a main course with baked potatoes and a green salad. The bulgur keeps the kebabs moist, and the mint adds another level of flavor. These are usually served with wedges of pita bread, pepper paste dip, and turnip pickles. My son likes […]

  • Homemade “Yersheeg”- “Soujouk”

    Homemade “Yersheeg”- “Soujouk”

    You can find “yersheeg” or “soujouk” in the frozen section at Middle Eastern specialty stores. They are very similar to sausages. But, I prefer to make the homemade version, which doesn’t contain any preservatives, and they taste much better. You can make these in advance and freeze them. They are great when you’re having last […]