Category: Seafood

  • Persian Smoked Whitefish

    Persian Smoked Whitefish

    Persian smoked whitefish is a traditional dish that’s served on the first day of the Persian New Year calendar called “Norooz.”. In the western calendar, Norooz coincides with the first day of spring. It’s customary to serve fish because it symbolizes life and rebirth. The smokey flavor is mild and subtle and the fish itself…

  • Fish in Curried Tomato Sauce

    Fish in Curried Tomato Sauce

    Fish in curried tomato sauce is moist, aromatic and incredibly light. Any type of white fish with thick flesh such as Cod, Red Snapper, Halibut, or my personal favorite, New Zealand Ling would all yield the same flavor and result. This recipe does not contain any coconut milk, half and half or whipping cream in…

  • Cioppino


    Cioppino! Ah Cioppino! The French have their “Bouillabaisse”, the Catalans their “Suquet de Peix”, and the Italians their “Cioppino”! The perfect meal for that cold January dinner party. Serve your guests with a large bowl of this colorful seafood gumbo! Succulent mussels, juicy prawns and tender scallops combined with oregano, thyme, bay leaf, in a broth…

  • Seafood Stock

    Seafood Stock

    Seafood stock, aromatic and full of flavor. Even though you can fine seafood stock readily available, this is so much better. Preparing your own stock is very easy, rich in flavor, and it will cost you practically nothing. Most of the time, when cooking shrimp, the shells are tossed away and discarded. But I hope…

  • Prawns or Shrimp Cocktail

    Prawns or Shrimp Cocktail

    Prawns or shrimp cocktail is probably the most popular appetizer you’ll find on a restaurant menu, at a banquet buffet, or any get-together. I prefer to use prawns because they are more flavorful and tender than their counterpart. It’s easy to make and much tastier than buying them fully cooked from the grocery store. One…

  • Fried Calamari

    Fried Calamari

    Fried Calamari a menu item we look for when we go out to dinner. Cooking calamari is not difficult or complicated. The secret to a successful calamari is to buy frozen squid. Often, restaurants use the frozen kind even when they tell you it’s fresh. Why? because when you fry the fresh kind, it will be…

  • Poached Fish

    Poached Fish

    Poached fish is light, low in calorie and very easy to make. You can put this together in no time. Cod works the best because it is thick enough to poach and keeps it’s shape as it cooks. But I’ve see it done with salmon too and it works just as well. The lemon butter…

  • Prawns | Shrimp in Curry Sauce

    Prawns | Shrimp in Curry Sauce

    Prawns or Shrimp in creamy curry sauce recipe with ginger, garlic, cumin, garam masala, and other spices for a delicious meal. Serve with basmati rice.