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  • Cheese Zaatar and Red Pepper Paste Appetizer

    Cheese Zaatar and Red Pepper Paste Appetizer

    Cheese zaatar and pepper paste appetizer is a delicious alternative to the common cheese buerek. If you are entertaining and want to serve something a little “off the tangent” serve this appetizer. The zaatar combined with red pepper paste, cheese, onions and cumin is amazing. These cheese zaatar and pepper paste appetizer can be cut […]

  • Fried Calamari

    Fried Calamari

    Fried Calamari a menu item we look for when we go out to dinner. Cooking calamari is not difficult or complicated. The secret to a successful calamari is to buy frozen squid. Often, restaurants use the frozen kind even when they tell you it’s fresh. Why? because when you fry the fresh kind, it will be […]

  • Mini Manaeesh

    Mini Manaeesh

    These mini manaeesh appetizers are fast and delicious, for those friends who call and say they are coming over for drinks. They are made with pure olive oil and dried thyme called “Zaatar”. They are available at Middle Eastern stores, and come in two different varieties. Try to get the green “Zaatar” that comes from Jordan, […]

  • Homemade “Yersheeg”- “Soujouk”

    Homemade “Yersheeg”- “Soujouk”

    You can find “yersheeg” or “soujouk” in the frozen section at Middle Eastern specialty stores. They are very similar to sausages. But, I prefer to make the homemade version, which doesn’t contain any preservatives, and they taste much better. You can make these in advance and freeze them. They are great when you’re having last […]