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  • Rice Pudding

    Rice Pudding

    Rice pudding the old fashioned way. I’ve had this rice pudding recipe for ever! The creamy texture of the slow cooked calrose rice with the bold flavor of the flower water is the perfect alternative to ice cream for that hot summer day. Why do we use Calrose rice? Because this type of rice is soft and…

  • Cream of Wheat – “Simit Halva” – “Mammounieh”

    Cream of Wheat – “Simit Halva” – “Mammounieh”

    A healthy and refreshing late night snack, made with Cream of Wheat which is another predominant ingredient in Mediterranean baking. Serve it plain or sprinkle chopped walnuts or pistachios. You can eat this warm or refrigerate and serve it cold. Either way it’s delicious. Skill level: Easy Click here to view Slideshow, Share, & Comment Click…