• Velvet Edition Mehndi Inspired Bird Design

     A series of good decisions have led you here; the smoothest page on the internet. A collection of both visual and culinary design which spans many years of hard work. The portfolio provides an overview of almost a decade of graphics, typography, layout and web design. I draw inspiration from all facets of my life, but nature and birds influence my work in a special way because of their balance, form and color.

     The recipes chronicle my lifetime obsession for cooking and baking. My culinary journey hasn’t been easy and involved a lot of “trial by fire”, but I sincerely hope the resources on this site will make you smooth as velvet in the kitchen. Although most of the recipes are classic Mediterranean, there will be a wide range of cultures represented. Please subscribe on my Facebook page, ‘pin’ something smooth on Pinterest, and share this site with family and friends.

     New recipes will be added during the course of each month. These updates will also be announced on my Facebook page. Please check in often, and visit the recipes link to see the new posts.