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  • Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour, is a classic Armenian dessert typically served on New Year’s Eve. Directly translated, “Anoosh” means sweet, and “Abour” means soup – Sweet Soup. Made with pelted wheat, called “dzedadz” in Armenian, it is soaked in water for several hours, then soaked again in warm water. Later it’s cooked slowly with sugar until the pelted…

  • Pelted Wheat with Yogurt and Dried Mint

    Pelted Wheat with Yogurt and Dried Mint

    Pelted wheat is widely used in Mediterranean cooking, both in savory dishes and desserts. The reason why it’s called “pelted” wheat is because the bran layer is removed and the grain is polished. This type of wheat cooks much faster than unpelted wheat. Mixing the wheat with the yogurt and the dried mint makes it very…