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  • Rice Pilaf with Meat and Nuts

    Rice Pilaf with Meat and Nuts

    A classic Armenian rice recipe, was traditionally made for special occasions such as weddings. Garnished with pine nuts, pistachios, almonds and raisins is fit for any family gathering or event. Cinnamon, is the key spice used for this rice recipe, and once it is cooked, the smell of the spices permeates the entire house. Normally, it…

  • Fried Cheese Pies “Beurek”

    Fried Cheese Pies “Beurek”

    Your family will think you worked all day when you set these beureks on the table. They are crispy and crunchy. When served hot, the cheese flows out. Serve them as appetizers with Persian cucumbers and a glass of wine. You can make these ahead and freeze them. When you’re ready to use, remove them…

  • Cracked Wheat “Bulgur” Pilaf

    Cracked Wheat “Bulgur” Pilaf

    Cracked wheat pilaf is made from whole wheat. It comes in a variety of sizes, that range from #1 very fine grains to the very coarse #5 grains. Bulgur is high in fiber and protein and low in calorie and predominantly used in Mediterranean cuisine. It is available at specialty stores and large supermarkets. This is…