Clarified butter without any impurities.

Clarified Butter

Clarified butter without any impurities.

Clarified butter as the name suggests is pure butter without the milk and any other impurities. It’s a bit time consuming and tedious, yet worth the effort. In many cultures clarified butter is used in their cooking, such as for pan frying and as a dipping sauce for shrimp and lobster. You can purchase them at specialty supermarkets but they are expensive. It’s easy to make and rewarding. I make them in large batches, then pack them in resealable plastic bags and store them for later use. I recommend freezing the butter because it stays fresh, but you can refrigerate for a shorter amount of time. I use it when making cookies and baklavas. 

Skill level: Intermediate
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Clarified Butter
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  1. Unsalted Butter
  1. Empty the butter packets into a large pot.
  2. Begin to melt on low heat.
  3. As the butter melts, foam will develop on the surface.
  4. Using a large spoon, carefully skim off the froth.
  5. Continue doing this until all the butter has melted and all the froth or foam has been removed.
  6. Empty the butter into a large heatproof bowl. You will notice that there is white residue at the bottom of the bowl. Make sure you don’t include that with the clarified butter.
  7. At this point, you can measure cupfuls of the butter and empty them into resealable freezer bags and store them in the freezer. Remember to label and date the packets.
  8. When you are ready to use them, you can bring them to room temperature or if the recipe asks for melted butter, you can melt them again.
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