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  • French Apple Pie

    French Apple Pie

    Learn how to make a double crusted French apple pie from scratch. This is another one of my old time recipes that I’ve saved over the years. A double crusted pie that’s flaky and delicate, and yet it’s dense like a cake. The filling consists of slices of apples, cinnamon and sugar. During baking some of […]

  • Apricot Cake

    Apricot Cake

    This is a classic recipe. The original recipe calls for 2 egg yolks and one whole egg. Over the years, I realized that you can use two whole eggs instead and still get the same result. Just remember to beat the eggs well and then incorporate the flour with the eggs using your hands. The […]

  • Kataifi with Walnuts

    Kataifi with Walnuts

    Kataifi with walnuts seasoned with cinnamon, sandwiched together in shredded pastry dough and drizzled with syrup infused with rose and flower water. This dessert may be presented in various ways. You can prepare it in a baking dish, roll it up into individual rolls or bake it in cupcake pans. The rolled up or cupcake […]

  • Rice Pudding

    Rice Pudding

    Rice pudding the old fashioned way. I’ve had this rice pudding recipe for ever! The creamy texture of the slow cooked calrose rice with the bold flavor of the flower water is the perfect alternative to ice cream for that hot summer day. Why do we use Calrose rice? Because this type of rice is soft and […]

  • Banana Nut Cake

    Banana Nut Cake

    Easy, healthy and an excellent alternative to your morning or afternoon muffin. This recipe makes a moist and fluffy cake. Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are the key ingredients and the walnuts add an extra level of flavor to the mix. Whenever I have ripe bananas, instead of throwing them away, I make this cake. Normally I don’t […]

  • Date Filled Cookies

    Date Filled Cookies

    Flaky, delicate melt in your mouth cookies! These are great for dessert buffets, since you can make them in advance and refrigerate them. Once the cookies are baked and cooled you may sprinkle them with confectioners sugar. Skill level: Easy Click here to view Slideshow, Share, & Comment Click on the first image below to […]

  • Marble Cake

    Marble Cake

    Marble Cake, a cake just like it’s name. Swirls of white and chocolate mixed around. When you cut through the cake, just like marble, no two pieces will be alike. This cake is a favorite in my family and very easy to make.  Skill level: Easy Click here to view Slideshow, Share, & Comment Click […]

  • Lebanese Sfouf

    Lebanese Sfouf

    Lebanese sfouf is made with semolina.  A healthy and delicious cake that’s packed with flavor and nutrients. Turmeric, the key ingredient in this cake is a spice that’s widely used in China and India. Turmeric is the root of the Curcuma Longa plant. It is used as an anti-inflammatory agent for various illnesses such as […]

  • Orange “Bundt” Cake

    Orange “Bundt” Cake

    I make this cake often and it’s very popular with family and friends. The smell of the orange rind and juice permeates through the entire house. If the batter is beaten well, the texture will be soft and spongy. Skill level: Easy Click here to view Slideshow, Share, & Comment Click on the first image […]