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  • Jidabour


    Jidabour is a classic Armenian dish made with “yarma” or crushed pelted wheat and beef shanks. The yarma and beef shanks are cooked slowly until the yarma becomes creamy and the beef falls off the bones. It resembles a porridge but its much more flavorful and nutritious. Although a very “respected” dish, Jidabour is very […]

  • Lehmajun


    Lehmajun aka Armenian Pizza, made with ground beef, parsley, green bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic and seasonings is loved by everyone. If you are lucky to live near an Armenian bakery you can buy them freshly made, or buy them frozen at your specialty grocer. But trust me, there is nothing better than homemade. Instead of […]

  • Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour

    Anoosh Abour, is a classic Armenian dessert typically served on New Year’s Eve. Directly translated, “Anoosh” means sweet, and “Abour” means soup – Sweet Soup. Made with pelted wheat, called “dzedadz” in Armenian, it is soaked in water for several hours, then soaked again in warm water. Later it’s cooked slowly with sugar until the pelted […]

  • Stuffed Cabbage Dolmas

    Stuffed Cabbage Dolmas

    Stuffed cabbage dolmas, also called cabbage sarmas are a personal favorite. The cabbage combined with the ground beef, garlic, tomatoes and rice renders an incredible flavor. As they cook slowly in the tomato garlic mint sauce, the leaves become extremely soft and delicate. Although they haven’t gained the same notoriety as stuffed grape leaves, these dolmas […]

  • Baked Cheese “Beurek”

    Baked Cheese “Beurek”

    This is an amazing recipe! Once you make it, you and your family will love it. You might find it difficult to make at first if you aren’t used to making dough or pastry. But after a few attempts, you’ll get the hang of it. I get raving reviews about it whenever I make it. […]